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1) Attention to my Dearest Nominators and Followers

Hi, my Dearest Nominators
I have been searching all corners of myself
To look for a beautiful reason to say I’m sorry
I open up my drawer
And I see emptiness in the diary, waiting for me to infuse
I open up my safe
And I see another emptiness in the figures, which is no longer safe
I open up my sky
Trying to find out the mixture of East and West
I open up my image album
Attempting to figure out how shabby I am
For the time being
I am still searching
For a beautiful reason to say sorry
If I have turn you down and have let you down
Hi, my Dearest Followers
I have been looking all corners of myself
Searching for a beautiful land to greet you with proper delight Hi
I open up my book cabinet
Started swimming into the ocean of knowledge
I open up your book cabinet
Dive in and almost get drown
I open up our book cabinet
And I saw a smile and warm handshake
I open up our National cabinet
Flattered by this gigantic book filled up with people with knowledge at all age.
Well, for the time being,
I am still searching
For a beautiful land to greet you with proper Hi

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